Modules of Loan management system

Account Receivable

The accounts receivable module helps you to track all the money your company is owed but has not collected yet. It includes invoices you’ve sent for products or services you’ve already delivered. Finance365cloud is a solution that helps you improve your collections by automating processes, tracking receivables, and running comprehensive reports. Accounts Receivable module helps you to generate invoices, send statements, collect and apply payments, verify balances, track commissions, and deliver customer reports. This account receivable module is fully integrated with all other finance management software modules.

Account Payable

Among the account payable module, you can monitor your cash flow by tracking all your outstanding invoice payments as well as available discounts, due dates, and cash requirements. And because our accounts payable module run in the cloud, you can access your reports anytime, anywhere by opening a web browser or mobile application. The accounts payable module automates receiving the invoices from your suppliers and sub-contractors. It also assures timely and authentic payment to those creditors, which can increase your relationship with them because they acknowledge it greatly.

Assets Management

Module for all your assets—from laptops and mobile phones to vehicle and licenses. Maintain the full asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. You can create multiple asset books to report on and comply with different accounting standards. You can determine, trace, and account for tangible, intangible, and composite assets. Trace inexpensive items that have high value, such as mobile devices, security badges, and so on. Authorize items to workers to prevent cost leakage and security risks.

Loan Management

Loan Management Module helps multiple facets of Loan duties starting from prospecting to closure and monitoring. The exhaustive loan management module facilitates banks and financial companies to automate the procedures for obtaining cost savings and better customer experience. We give tech-enabled lending processes that increase productivity and consumer service within the entire loan lifecycle. loan management module helps in quality enhancement, increasing turnaround time and high-grade service for customers. It encourages banks and commercial institutions to improve the activity, transparency, competency and effectiveness of their lending solutions.

Inquiry Management

Inquiry Management modules help in storing and managing all the inquiries that have come up and can also know the status of the inquires whether they went fruitful or not.

Recovery Automation

The Recovery automation management module enables customers to charge-off, collect on and outsource accounts from the Lifecycle Management Suite. The recovery automation module includes functionality for workflow, assignment, reporting and analysis and makes use of the system's “cases” to track and monitor charge-off accounts.

Attendance Management

Finance365cloud provides automatic attendance management module in Mobile application. If employee schedule meeting with client on 10:00 am and he is not marked meeting started or not checked-in into that place, the employee will be marked as absent for the whole day.

Cash Management

A cash management module is necessary for business growth because cash is the lifeblood of any company. If your business lacks a positive cash flow, you’re on the road to defeat. Cash management module helps you to manage your cash flow using generally accepted techniques. The finance365cloud - cash management module lets you manage day-to-day transactions, cash balances, funds transfers, and bank account conciliation in one place. With cash management module, you can monitor, predict, and control cash across multiple objects using customizable reports and streamlined bank conciliation processes. All of this happens in real time to support the most reliable decision making.


Customers connection is a comparative must for a business in an increasingly crowded finance environment. Research suggests that customers spend more money with an enterprise that constantly stays in touch and build a relationship with them. Finance365Cloud helps you build your customer base and keeps you connected with them via mobile application or web portal for your customers.

General Ledger

General Ledger is the primary accounting record for a business. It tracks all economic activities and is managed to generate the company’s economic statements, including the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. The general ledger summarizes the organization’s various economic accounts and transactions, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, assets, and inventory.

Branch Management

Examine the performance of any branch in real time. Economic information is made easily available by the branch under the individual expense and income account level. This also applies to any number of different divisions or cost centers within the organization. Accounting depreciation can also be recorded at the branch level. This is automatically documented in real-time with a number of options allowing for depreciation only while equipment is on rent or for the duration that the equipment resides at the branch.