Finance365cloud - Mobile Application

Invest in finance app development to keep your customers close and your competitors faraway. An intelligent finance app not only help people track their business expenses but also make them smart.


Customizable dashboards. You can also apply custom filters to make searching easier. It shows statistics of some important modules.

Loan Management

View, Add or Edit loan with details. And set a reminder of the future transaction.

Manage Notification

Create and modify notification for future payment due. Or set an automatic reminder of future payment dues via SMS / Email.

Multi-branch Synchronization

Access or view dynamic of multiple branches day to day or weekly, Monthly transaction. Easily get a report of each branch.

Attendance Management

Inbuilt functionality of automatic attendance. Using mobile application employee will directly do attendance with the help of location.

Inquiry Management

Inquiry Management help in storing and managing all the inquiries that have come up and can also know the status of the inquires whether they went fruitful or not.


Go paperless. eDocs will slash the labor required to process documents including invoices, remittances, statements and expenses.


Don't burn valuable time and effort on unnecessary, repetitive admin tasks. Stop manually sending invoices, POs or remittances: the e-Reporting module sends them automatically.


Customer relationship management module helps to store customer data.And send an automatic reminder via SMS / Email for due payments.


Integrate Bluetooth printer with a mobile app for e-receipts.Using finance mobile app user can directly print receipts.

Text to Speech

Which text you submit over the web or mobile application the software will read that text in loud volume. So, everyone will hear your submitted text value.

Recovery Management

Recovery management module helps to get detail report of customers with agent name.

Payment Reminders

Finance mobile app allows you to set automatic due payment reminders via email or SMS.

Assets Management

The user can add, delete or modify assets using loan management application – assets management module. Also, the user can get a detailed report of assets.